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We're committed to clear and transparent pricing. Find out more below about our early access pricing for standard setups.

Griffin accounts

Start banking with Griffin right away, with operational accounts for as little as £100 per month, with the option to earn 3.25% interest (AER) on your funds.

Griffin accounts

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Monthly feeFrom £100
From 3.25% AER*
*Variable. Tracks Bank of England base rate.

Minimum balance of £200k required, eligibility criteria apply.

Platform banking

Get unlimited access to powerful, programmable bank accounts.

£6,000monthly platform fee

Safeguarding, client money, and operational accounts

From£0.08per dedicated account per month
From3.25% AER*interest

Talk to us for pricing for pooled accounts.

Savings accounts

From£0.08per account per month
From3.25% AER*interest for your customers

You can earn commission from 0.1% AER variable.

*Variable. Tracks Bank of England base rate.All fees quoted are minimums, and may be higher for more complex use cases or based on regulatory requirements.


Enhance your customers' experience and automate your own operations with flexible API-enabled payment options.

Internal transfers

£0.02£0.05per transfer

Faster Payments

£0.15£0.25per payment

CHAPS & Bacs

Coming soon


Our onboarding solution integrates seamlessly with our embedded banking products, so you can approve the right customers quickly.


From£1per verification

Sole traders

From£2per verification

Limited companies

From£4per verification

Verifications that need to be rerun may incur additional charges.

Ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews are charged separately. Contact us to find out more.

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