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Embed payments into your products

Enhance your customers' experience and automate your own operations with flexible API-enabled payment options.

  • Simple integration

    Connecting to payment rails is easy with purpose-built APIs supported by clear documentation.

  • Webhook events

    Set up real-time notifications for all payment activity across your accounts.

  • Transparent processing

    Get full visibility on the status of your payment at every stage of the process.

Payment schemes

Flexible payment options for you and your UK customers.

  • Faster Payments

    Real-time processing for small, frequent transactions

  • Book transfers

    Instant, low-cost payments to other Griffin accounts


    Coming soon

    The most secure choice for large, critical payments

  • Bacs

    Coming soon

    Ideal for non-urgent payments

  • Direct debit

    Coming soon

    Automatic pull payments for bills and subscriptions

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  • Deposit protection

    Your customers’ deposits are protected.