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The complete onboarding solution for fintechs

Verify helps fintechs manage risk, automate KYC and KYB checks, and approve the right customers quickly.

  • Maximise growth, minimise risk

    Carry out all the screening checks you need in a matter of seconds. Speed up onboarding without compromising on risk management.

  • Reduce manual effort and error

    Shrink your manual review queue with automated decisions, freeing your team to focus on the cases that matter.

  • Get up and running fast

    Building your integration is quick and easy with our simple API and clear documentation.

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Comma scales with Verify

We are thrilled to partner with Griffin to replace manual processes with simple, innovative technology that delivers value to customers. We're growing fast, and Verify is poised to help us safely and efficiently take on new customers at scale.

Portrait of Ger KellyGer Kelly
Head of banking, Comma

Built to work seamlessly with Griffin's banking products

  • Ready-to-go workflows

    Use our pre-approved onboarding workflows that are designed to work with our banking products.

  • Early, fast access to Griffin's BaaS platform

    Reduce the time it takes to go through due diligence for our banking products.

  • Always up to date with the latest checks

    We keep our preset workflows up to date with the latest requirements for checks and screening.

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