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Fintales with Griffin: Unlocking better value propositions

In the second edition of Fintales, we got together to discuss the innovation dilemma. How can banks and fintechs work together to solve problems and deliver value for customers?
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu  ·  19 Apr 2024
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu19 Apr 2024

What is Simplified Due Diligence?

MLRO Alex Nash explains Simplified Due Diligence and shares some scenarios where it may be applied.
Alex Nash  ·  9 Feb 2024
Alex Nash9 Feb 2024

On Culture: Solving problems at a systemic level

Treating problems as isolated events increases the chance of their recurrence. It's far better to assume all problems are systemic and respond accordingly
David Jarvis  ·  2 Nov 2023
David Jarvis2 Nov 2023

Unpacking Consumer Duty for fintech firms

How can financial services firms embed the new Consumer Duty across their business to ensure that customers receive good outcomes?
Jeremy Barber  ·  1 Nov 2023
Jeremy Barber1 Nov 2023

Solving proptech problems with better banking

Regulators are ramping up enforcement of client money rules in the property sector‍—‌what does this mean for letting agents and proptech companies?
Shanzé Ijaz Munir  ·  19 Oct 2023
Shanzé Ijaz Munir19 Oct 2023

ID&V: what every B2C fintech should know

A robust ID&V process is essential for complying with regulatory standards, guarding against financial crime, and enhancing customers' trust in your product.
Kathryn Sharpe  ·  21 Aug 2023
Kathryn Sharpe21 Aug 2023

An introduction to client money accounts

Looking after money on behalf of customers is a high-trust activity with potential to deliver enormous value‍—‌but only if the right guardrails are in place.
Howard Rees  ·  11 Aug 2023
Howard Rees11 Aug 2023

Culture interviews: setting your team up for success

At Griffin, we are very big on deliberately designing the culture we want. We also want everyone who joins our team to feel empowered to succeed from day one!
David Jarvis  ·  31 Jul 2023
David Jarvis31 Jul 2023

Which UK payment rails are right for you?

Product manager Howard Rees goes deep on the history of payments technology and lays out the pros and cons of Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, and more.
Howard Rees  ·  12 Jul 2023
Howard Rees12 Jul 2023

How to democratise decision making at work

In a world of accelerating change, making accurate and effective decisions is critical to building successful products.
James Trunk  ·  20 Jun 2023
James Trunk20 Jun 2023

Tipping off explained

MLRO Alex Nash explains what "tipping off" means, and shares some tips on how to avoid it while still providing a great customer experience.
Alex Nash  ·  24 May 2023
Alex Nash24 May 2023

It’s official: Griffin is a bank!

London-based Banking as a Service (BaaS) provider has received authorisation with restrictions from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).
Laura Hauser  ·  7 Mar 2023
Laura Hauser7 Mar 2023

Why proper planning is the key to running effective meetings

Meeting culture like all aspects of a company's culture should be carefully created and reinforced for effectiveness. Our VP Engineering, James shares gems on how we reframe meetings to ensure maximum return on the time invested.
James Trunk  ·  24 Feb 2023
James Trunk24 Feb 2023

What fintechs need to know about CDD

Understanding customer due diligence (CDD) is crucial for effectively managing risk and compliance in your business.
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu  ·  30 Jan 2023
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu30 Jan 2023

Understanding safeguarding accounts for fintechs

We break down safeguarding requirements for regulated fintechs and give some pointers on what to look out for when choosing a banking partner.
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu, Marianne Cassidy  ·  24 Jan 2023
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu, Marianne Cassidy24 Jan 2023

The KYB compliance checks no fintech can afford to miss

Scaling quickly shouldn't come at the expense of strong controls‍—‌we break down the common checks all B2B fintechs need in their onboarding process.
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu  ·  16 Jan 2023
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu16 Jan 2023

Build, test and iterate with the sandbox

Build your next financial product in our sandbox, with free unlimited access to all our banking and compliance functionality.
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu  ·  22 Nov 2022
Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu22 Nov 2022

Life as a backend engineer at Griffin

Choosing a company to dedicate some of your life to can be really hard‍—‌backend engineer Alistair Bull explains why he chose Griffin.
Alistair Bull  ·  7 Nov 2022
Alistair Bull7 Nov 2022

Shaping up to build a bank

VP Engineering James Trunk on how our product process helps us solve the right problems and communicate better as a team.
James Trunk  ·  18 Aug 2022
James Trunk18 Aug 2022

Adam Moulson steps in as interim CEO at Griffin

Chief Commercial Officer Adam Moulson will act as interim CEO while current CEO and co-founder David Jarvis is on parental leave.
Laura Hauser  ·  20 Jun 2022
Laura Hauser20 Jun 2022

Insights from Griffin on International Women’s Day 2022

International Women's Day is a global celebration‍—‌and an opportunity to examine what else we can do to create truly inclusive and supportive cultures at work.
Marianne Cassidy  ·  8 Mar 2022
Marianne Cassidy8 Mar 2022

Culture is too important to leave to chance

Culture must be taken as seriously as strategy. It is equally tangible, equally impactful, and needs to be deliberately designed and cultivated.
Maria Campbell  ·  16 Sept 2021
Maria Campbell16 Sept 2021

An OS for embedded finance

The seamless experience of embedded finance is only possible with an equally seamless offering powering the back-end.
David Jarvis  ·  12 Jul 2021
David Jarvis12 Jul 2021

Is it worth it?

How long can you spend trying to make a routine task more efficient before you hit a point of diminishing returns?
Allen Rohner  ·  17 Feb 2021
Allen Rohner17 Feb 2021

Griffin appoints Amy Kirk to its Board

Griffin announces the appointment of Amy Kirk to its Board as Senior Independent Director (SID), effective from 3rd November 2020.
David Jarvis  ·  16 Dec 2020
David Jarvis16 Dec 2020

How we write

Good writing is probably the single most undervalued talent a startup can have.
David Jarvis  ·  5 Jun 2020
David Jarvis5 Jun 2020

Designing a bank: part one

How a design system can help build the foundation of an efficient product design process.
Dan Duncan  ·  23 Apr 2020
Dan Duncan23 Apr 2020

A framework for making decisions

Rather than relying on an implicit framework and hoping things work out, we have an explicit framework for making decisions.
David Jarvis  ·  17 Apr 2020
David Jarvis17 Apr 2020

Building an immutable bank

How to design and architect an immutable, event-driven bank‍—‌and what that means.
David Jarvis  ·  23 Oct 2019
David Jarvis23 Oct 2019

A platform banking manifesto

For fintechs, being able to move lots of money around every day is a basic operational requirement‍—‌so why do so many legacy banks still make it so difficult?
David Jarvis  ·  17 Jul 2017
David Jarvis17 Jul 2017

Welcome to the Griffin Blog!

Stay up to date on our experience getting through the regulatory process, our technology, and observations about the banking industry at large.
David Jarvis  ·  3 Nov 2016
David Jarvis3 Nov 2016

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