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Savings accounts

Embed savings accounts into your product

Help your customers earn more from their deposits with interest-bearing savings accounts that integrate seamlessly into your customer experience.

  • Help your customers save

    Engage and retain customers with competitive interest rates.

  • Own your user experience

    Embed white-label savings accounts directly into your app or product.

  • Guarantee protection

    Give your customers peace of mind with deposits covered by the FSCS.

  • Get up and running fast

    Integration is easy with our modern APIs and clear documentation.

Who is this for?

  • Our embedded savings accounts are for UK limited companies who serve SMEs or consumers. As this is a white-label product, you don’t need any specific regulatory permissions.

What's on offer

  • Easy access savings accounts

    Give your customers maximum flexibility and easy access to their funds, while still offering competitive interest rates.

    Learn more about interest.

  • Term deposit accounts Coming soon

    Secure high returns for your customers with long-term savings options at a fixed rate of interest.

  • Notice accounts Coming soon

    Offer the optimal blend of earnings and access‍—‌your customers can earn higher interest and still make scheduled withdrawals.